Feelin' Crabby in Deauville, France

Some people don't believe you can fall in love at first sight.

Those people don't know me when it comes to spotting a hot, succulent, sexy looking piece of food. I have been known to lose. Mai. Shit.


It happened to me during my stay here in Deauville, France. While here for Kevin and Sabrina's wedding, I was walking along the fish market area known for selling the day's fresh caught gems of the sea, when I spotted my new lover. 

There they lay, a sea of shiny shelled crabs nestled atop crisp, white, snow cone crushed ice. They were stacked on top one another like they were lined up for a school picture. And on the very top, the gorgeous valedictorian sat proudly on display. 

Now, when I say I fell in love...I'm putting it lightly. I was ready to shoot a food porn with this baby. This mother of a crab was unlike anything I had ever seen. Not only was the shell a sexy Ruby Woo shade of red, but it's claws got more robust in color towards the main pincers- where it finished in a jet black, liquid liner dip. And just to take it OTT, the crab was machete'd right in half so you could get a glimpse of what awaited inside--a burst of hypnotic, juicy roe. These gorgeous eggs are a treasured delicacy. Get in Mai belly.

The gang and I ordered cockles, prawns, 3 different varieties of oysters, the main crab body, and more King crab legs, of course. Every single sea creature tasted more fresh with each crack, slurp, and bite. I'm still not sure what tasted better- the actual flesh or the savory sea broth embedded between the meat. When it came to the actual roe I straight died. The layers of meat, eggs, innards and juice was orgasmic. Just when you thought you had too much of the rich eggs, the steamy, pull-apart pieces of the crab meat were a nice savory balance to the bite. If this really was a food porn being shot, I should have gotten paid for the sound effects damn it. 

Shoutout to Yvon for helping us order this fantastic mid day lunch in Français!

Would you consider this to be a delicacy in your book? "Vas-y, mange!" (This means "Come on, eat up!") OR Delish or disgust? What do you think?

Oh Mai Pizza Pie...In Naples, Italy


Yup. That's me. Deep throating some deep dish. 

While others may have flown to and from the cities within Southern Italy for comfort and frequent flyer miles, I, chose to drive. Well, wait. Asian driver no survivor. My friend Bart drove, so I wrote blogs in the back of the car like this one.

The homies and I drove specifically to Naples, Italy to try the legendary pizza from L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele. This place has gotten loads of press after mai cheekbone muse Julia Roberts starred in Eat Pray Love. Remember she had to literally go shopping for bigger jeans? It all makes sense now.

(My best advice if you get here is to drop somebody off so they can go take a number, since parking is a biotch.) That way you get to go and peek inside at the lil assembly line action they got goin on for these pies! 

Lucas, recognized me from my show How Do I Look, and offered to let me roll my own pizza! With these acrylics, I said hell naw, but did thank Mr. Lucas for watching my show with his wife!

L'antica Pizzaria is known for only making two flavors: Marinara and Margherita. Obviously we had to get both to try em all. As I sat there watching everyone else dive into their pizzas around me. One thing I noticed right away is that the crust is SUPER gooey and soft. There were dudes rolling it into straight up burritos around me, while most just folded the huge half of the pie over and ate the whole thing. Nearly everyone in the resty had a whole pie to themselves. I asked myself why the hell I chose a pencil skirt that day.

Finally when the pies came out, it smelled like unicorns had landed in heaven. You could just see the pops of the mozzarella on top of the ooozy sauce. There were parts of the pie that had crispy burnt edges, which I loved. And each pie was totally shaped different. I remembering reading from a cook book somewhere that when a pie isn't round, its because of the lack of sugar in the dough. (Can any Italians out there verify?)

Taste test: this pie was legit. Not only was the soft crust something very different because of it's elastic, chewy taste, but the pizza sauce was the life. Rather than the sauce being like a ragu-ish texture, it was more like Lucille Ball and Ethel skipped the grapes and went to town crushing these delicious ripe cherry tomatoes until they got this sauce that was fresh filled with skin and ripe seeds. The sauce was everything a pizza should offer. I'll admit I normally like a pizza with hella fixins (olives, anchovies, sausage, ham, shrooms, basil, peppers..) but I kept these comments to Maiself because I didn't feel like getting punched in my pencil skirt.

Didn't matter what I thought anyway, when this was what I was looking at:

Has anyone ever tried this? And as far as here in the US, where do YOU think has the BEST pizza? Lmk, because I'm that girl that'll (have Bart) drive there stat to try it!

Mmmm Bachi Burger

Discovering the right burger is an art. And as I share with you mai new fave joint, understand these few disclaimers:

1. I could absolutely have a new fave by the end of the month, in which case I will share it with you.

2. I don't claim in anyway to be a burger expert. I just know what I like and God put mai tastebuds on fleek so I do not play.

3. I ain't bout no basic burgers.

Now that we've got that straight, here's where I'm drooling over these days.


Oh, gawd help me. This place is bombtastic. There's a location in Vegas which is where I first discovered it, but I'm in love with the one on Sawtelle in LA. Let's start with Mai #1 fave burger- The Mr. Ho Burger.

Yes, I had this bohemoth in mai mouth. (T.W.S.S.)  It starts out a blend of ground pork and angus beef, three blends of Japanese mushrooms (shiitake, enrigi, enoki mushrooms), lap cheong sausage*, hoisin mayo, finished with a blend of greens. Puttng all this baby Jesus magic in between that soft taro bun is a boss move.

(Btw, I noticed that all the patties of cooked burgers at Bachi are always perfect. Don't mess with medium..it's choice.)

Mai second fave burger that's worth some yoga pant stretching is the Shogun Burger. It's a crazy layered burger with a 8oz wagyu patty, onion marmalade, grilled unagi, miso butter seared foie gras, (yes, you're still reading ingredients,) poached pear, and finished with a blend of frisee, mizuna and arugula. It sounds like alot...and it is. Recall #3 of Mai burger requirements.

There are other magical dishes here that I can't get enough of. Like the Poke - fresh flown tuna from Hawaii marinated in a house made sesame soy based marinade and tossed in with cucumber, sweet onions, furikake, limu (farm raised seaweed), inamona (kakui nut), green onions and topped with lomi tomato. And their Kale Salad makes you feel like you're doing something good for your life with it's blend of kale, mizuna, frisee, quinoa, apples, cranberries, parmesan cheese, kaiware (Japanese radish sprouts), avocado, pine nuts all tossed with an in-house made orange yuzu vinaigrette. I absolutely got their super-revered-on-Yelp-Oxtail Fries...but it wasn't really for me. I can actually say there was so much going on, you don't taste much of any one thing. However it rates high on the food porn scale as you can see.

What do you think? Would you try Bachi Burger? Check out their locations here and hopefully you can try something I recommended. If you tweet me around 4pm and I don't answer, it's prolly cuz I'm at their happy hour. What's your burger speed? Let's hear it in comments below.

*Fun fact, I used to come home from school as a kid, microwave some lap cheong sausage in the microwave (45 seconds, cover it with a towel cuz it explodes fat sparks everywhere,) and eat it with rice. Heaven.

I'm All That... And Dim Sum.

You guys all know how much I love food. I'm a HUGE foodie and can't wait any time I have a brunch, lunch or dinner date! One of mai favorite meals that hits really close to home is Dim Sum, a traditional Cantonese meal that is prepared in bite-sized portions. Not going to lie, you have to be down with the diverse parts of town if you want a real dim sum meal. I'm talking Alhambra, Gardena and China Town to name a few here in LA.

Here are five reasons why I love dim sum so much:

1. It's tasty AND healthy. If you opt for low-sodium soy sauce, dim sum meals can actually be a healthy meal option. All ingredients are fresh and made that day. Packed with protein and very rarely fried.

2. It's cheap. There is nothing better than feeling full after a good meal and knowing you got your money’s worth. Am I right? You can invite ten or more of your friends to a dim sum brunch and walk away with some extra spending money.

3. It's family style. When we have dim sum we share everything, so it’s fun to try different things and go a little out of your comfort zone. If you’re not into chicken legs, then don’t eat the chicken legs. But don’t worry, there’s something for everyone! Even you vegan people out there! #BokChoy #ChineseSpinach #TofuEggplant #TofuMushroomDumplings

4. It reminds me of home. Every Sunday, Mai fam and I would always head to Milpitas or South San Jose early to get in line for that scrumdidlyumptious dim sum.

5. Because tea. I'm a huge tea drinker because it’s not only delicious but it is SO good for you! Dim sum is always served with tea. But remember, don’t serve your own, it’s bad luck, and always considered a sign of respect when you serve your guests or elders before yourself. 

And that’s it, the five reasons why I’m so obsessed with dim sum. Have you tried it? Are you going to try it? I definitely encourage you to if you want an authentic Asian meal. Tell me how much you love dim sum by commenting below!