Orange is The New Black

Orange is Back! More than just the New Black.  

Okay, I know we are taking a serious risk here but did we not nail it? This color is rocking and not just behind bars.  But it can be tricky, so follow #MaiTips below for some pointers on how to pick out everyones favorite mimosa colored outfit.

  • Bright colors can be scary.  Make sure you try on risky Colors like Orange in a natural light setting if possible.  The natural light will give you an idea of how the color will look against your skin. Sometimes, false lighting can be misleading.
  • Keep it Simple! Sporting a solid color like the one I'm wearing?  Add some fun with a stylish pump or heel but don't go overboard, since the color orange is making a statement all on it's own.  And make SURE to save your favorite pair of black pumps for another day (unless of course you want everyone to know just how much you love Halloween year round. 
  • Smile! Orange is such an uplifting FUN color. Have fun with it. The best accessory to your bright colored outfit is your bright self! 

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