Human Trafficking in Vietnam: Border Crossing Dangers

Hey guys. As you know the past couple weeks I've been sharing with you my journey to fight human trafficking in Vietnam across my socials. Today I wanted wanted to illustrate for you guys the visual of a border crossing because this is oftentimes the next transition trafficking agents take to lure their prisoners into unwarranted territory.

Although amazing that there is a border between Vietnam and China like this, it can mean awful consequences for those at risk of becoming part of human trafficking. China is a TOP destination country for Vietnamese trafficking victims. Women and girls especially face a huge danger of being kidnapped and taken to China to become labor slaves, sex slaves, prostitutes, and more. China is so close, that people who kidnap victims can take subtle ways across the border with the victim not even knowing they are no longer in Vietnam. Traffickers aren't just random strangers either. Friends, family, or people victims think they can trust, will often times convince the victim somehow to follow them across. The victim will have no idea until it's too late. Agents from China, once the victim has crossed, will beat or drug them so they can be transported to their horrible fate, whether it be a brothel or a "husband" or other types of trafficking. Watch the video below for more info on this very important issue.

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Together we can put an end to this!