A Life Changing Transformation for Des

Before we began shooting for How Do I Look Asia, we received so many submissions who wanted to elect their loved one for a makeover. One submission stood out most to me was Des Maniquis, or her alias on Youtube "Sooper Purple". Her story stood out to me because I was like, "Hmm..it takes some pretty thick skin to make it on Youtube, why would Des's brother submit her for a makeover?" What I didn't realize is that there was so much more to her story. You see, Des used Youtube as an escape from the bullying she was already dealing with in every day real life. To hide, she created a personality online (her alter ego) and made rambunctious, freeing videos as Sooper Purple. When you check out her YT channel, you'll see that Sooper Purple is a lil cray, a lot of fun, and doesn't give AF. What Sooper Purple didn't know is that SP was really just Des, herself. She just stood in her own way to believe it.

We had an amazing experience together on Des' episode, and I've been a fan of hers ever since on YT. YouTube is a super hard platform to break into, and I give props to anybody who even tries. Not just because of the potential success behind it, but because it's such a permanent public diary for everyone to see. Recently, I just got this amazing news from Des' feed!

Des has blossomed even MORE since our show and has used her own journey to break down walls for other victims of bullying. I am so beyond proud of her, and only pray many who hear her story will believe in themselves as well. Give it up for Des, aka Sooper Purple, a young woman who's showing us how it's done! So much love to you babe. Keep lighting the way for us.