Feelin' Crabby in Deauville, France

Some people don't believe you can fall in love at first sight.

Those people don't know me when it comes to spotting a hot, succulent, sexy looking piece of food. I have been known to lose. Mai. Shit.


It happened to me during my stay here in Deauville, France. While here for Kevin and Sabrina's wedding, I was walking along the fish market area known for selling the day's fresh caught gems of the sea, when I spotted my new lover. 

There they lay, a sea of shiny shelled crabs nestled atop crisp, white, snow cone crushed ice. They were stacked on top one another like they were lined up for a school picture. And on the very top, the gorgeous valedictorian sat proudly on display. 

Now, when I say I fell in love...I'm putting it lightly. I was ready to shoot a food porn with this baby. This mother of a crab was unlike anything I had ever seen. Not only was the shell a sexy Ruby Woo shade of red, but it's claws got more robust in color towards the main pincers- where it finished in a jet black, liquid liner dip. And just to take it OTT, the crab was machete'd right in half so you could get a glimpse of what awaited inside--a burst of hypnotic, juicy roe. These gorgeous eggs are a treasured delicacy. Get in Mai belly.

The gang and I ordered cockles, prawns, 3 different varieties of oysters, the main crab body, and more King crab legs, of course. Every single sea creature tasted more fresh with each crack, slurp, and bite. I'm still not sure what tasted better- the actual flesh or the savory sea broth embedded between the meat. When it came to the actual roe I straight died. The layers of meat, eggs, innards and juice was orgasmic. Just when you thought you had too much of the rich eggs, the steamy, pull-apart pieces of the crab meat were a nice savory balance to the bite. If this really was a food porn being shot, I should have gotten paid for the sound effects damn it. 

Shoutout to Yvon for helping us order this fantastic mid day lunch in Français!

Would you consider this to be a delicacy in your book? "Vas-y, mange!" (This means "Come on, eat up!") OR Delish or disgust? What do you think?