And Now For The Ceremony...

...of Kevin and Sabrina at Chateau de Canon.

As you can see from the events leading up to this final wedding reception, (day 1, a traditional Cambodian ceremony, day 2 a romantic reading of vows within castle grounds,) this wedding was a symbolic matrimony of culture and family for my friends Sabrina and Kevin.

Sabrina happens to be one of my savviest stylish friends. I was honored to be with her on one of her many bridal gown shopping excursions, and I could immediately tell from her choices that Sabrina wanted a captivating fairytale moment with whatever dress was chosen.  I j'adore the princess gown she had custom made to shape her darling frame. Her handsome-now-husband, Kevin, complimented her perfectly with his tuxedo complete with tails, and a sharp tailored fit. Being a talented and remarkable photographer, it's only expected that the two look picture perfect. (And they did!)

And thus, when Mrs. Sabrina asks her guests to come wearing their fashionable best, we obey. 

For the ceremony, I decided to don a @JuneScario bodysuit with an Alexander Wang pant. Thank God I packed my Lanvin heels and my @BarabouxOfficial clutch to pull the entire look together.

The most timestaking piece to my outfit had to be the hand crafted fascinator by Marika from @KickaCustomDesign. Thanks to Becky Farmer, I discovered Miss Marika in my home of LA before I left to France and was honored to take one of her hand crafted pieces of work as the finishing touch to my look.

sit on stairs 1.jpg
sit on stairs 2.jpg

Even lil Lukey loved Mai fascinator (I think.) :)

Guess what else I had the pleasure of bringing to the wedding? A one of a kind groomed and sculpted masterpiece from none other than my Paul Mitchell creative artist Noogie Thai himself- a fascinator sculpture made of human hair which completed the look of Sabrina's bridesmaid and my chi (sister) Mimi Vu.

The rest of the evening was dreamy and unforgettable. Kevin thanking Sabrina's family for welcoming him as their son, Kevin's father handmaking the most sensationally sick poppy seed wedding cake. Sabrina adding personal Cambodian touches with handmade scarves from her country, to the couple even ending the night with the necessary Asian classic, "mi goi", instant ramen noodles as a late night snack. It was the perfect day to commemorate the blend of culture and love between Sabrina and Kevin. 

Thank you for having me you two! It was an unforgettable first night. Here's to the next few days I'm about to spend with the newlywed and their friends and family in the beautiful beach town of Deauville, France, and I cannot wait to share all the pics with the rest of  you :)