Wedding Bells at Chateau de Canon

No matter how many weddings I am invited to attend or be a part of, (37 to be exact),  one thing is always clear: each matrimony is complete different. From the location to the traditional touches, to even the loving gaze between bride and groom, I tend to remember the most fairytale or reality show moments for each.

The nuptuals of Sabrina and Kevin had a more memorable combination of all.

It took place in Normandie, France. I landed by plane in Paris, found the first safe looking car I could bargain into giving me a fair ride out of the city, (there's a particularly vicious protest happening btwn taxis and Uber at this time), and started on my road trip journey three hours into the country side to the location of the wedding, Chateau de Canon.

Yup. Just the front of the grounds alone looks just like this.*

I arrived on the exact day day to celebrate the marriage of these two adorable love birds.

Sabrina, of French and Cambodian descent, is quite the fashionista herself. Not only does she have an esquisite taste for couture, but she decided that on her big day, her environment just had to reflect the timeless love she had for her husband to be.

The gardens behind the Chataeu de Jardin.

Sabrina's husband, a successful photographer and entrepreneur, who captured Sabrina's heart through his lens, fit right into the peaceful, romantic setting within the chateau grounds.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.20.17 AM.png

Sabrina requested her wedding guests arrive in their most fashionable attire, complete with fascinators. Obvi, we couldn't disappoint. 

For the ceremony I decided to go with a bit of spring and sparkle. Only with a bride like Sabrina Duong coud I do a @FurneAmato crystal brassiere, paired with a peach Alice & Olivia high waisted pants and a Derek Lam white cape, and my rosegold @BarabouxOfficial clutch, I was ready to say I do, too.

The nuptuals were precious. Spoken in French and English, both the bride and groom read their vows in each language to seal the deal. My favorite part was hearing Sabrina barely make her way her emotional words of telling Kevin she chose him to be her one and only for the rest of her life.

My fave memory was watching the trail of yummy kiddies running after Kevin and Sabrina after the vows!

kev sab down aisle 3.jpg

As much as we love a beautiful wedding, it's nothing like having Mai reuniting squad of sistas from Hong Kong, Vietnam, and London to get our selfies on lock.

After the ceremony, I couldn't help to jump into the scenery for just a bit. After all, every girl wants to be a princess right? Wearing just a brassiere...but Mai own kinda princess aigh?

It was so fun to have the whole gang reunited from all parts of the world! Loved seeing you again Vicki, Rana, Mimi, Cheng, Khanh, Stephanie, and meeting you Diana! Can't wait to share the deets tomorrow for the next part of the beautiful evening, the reception!

*In fact, picture me, in skinny jeans, Adidas kicks, and a James Perse tee chillen right outside these gates figuring out where to go with my luggage once I arrived.