Mmmm Bachi Burger

Discovering the right burger is an art. And as I share with you mai new fave joint, understand these few disclaimers:

1. I could absolutely have a new fave by the end of the month, in which case I will share it with you.

2. I don't claim in anyway to be a burger expert. I just know what I like and God put mai tastebuds on fleek so I do not play.

3. I ain't bout no basic burgers.

Now that we've got that straight, here's where I'm drooling over these days.


Oh, gawd help me. This place is bombtastic. There's a location in Vegas which is where I first discovered it, but I'm in love with the one on Sawtelle in LA. Let's start with Mai #1 fave burger- The Mr. Ho Burger.

Yes, I had this bohemoth in mai mouth. (T.W.S.S.)  It starts out a blend of ground pork and angus beef, three blends of Japanese mushrooms (shiitake, enrigi, enoki mushrooms), lap cheong sausage*, hoisin mayo, finished with a blend of greens. Puttng all this baby Jesus magic in between that soft taro bun is a boss move.

(Btw, I noticed that all the patties of cooked burgers at Bachi are always perfect. Don't mess with's choice.)

Mai second fave burger that's worth some yoga pant stretching is the Shogun Burger. It's a crazy layered burger with a 8oz wagyu patty, onion marmalade, grilled unagi, miso butter seared foie gras, (yes, you're still reading ingredients,) poached pear, and finished with a blend of frisee, mizuna and arugula. It sounds like alot...and it is. Recall #3 of Mai burger requirements.

There are other magical dishes here that I can't get enough of. Like the Poke - fresh flown tuna from Hawaii marinated in a house made sesame soy based marinade and tossed in with cucumber, sweet onions, furikake, limu (farm raised seaweed), inamona (kakui nut), green onions and topped with lomi tomato. And their Kale Salad makes you feel like you're doing something good for your life with it's blend of kale, mizuna, frisee, quinoa, apples, cranberries, parmesan cheese, kaiware (Japanese radish sprouts), avocado, pine nuts all tossed with an in-house made orange yuzu vinaigrette. I absolutely got their super-revered-on-Yelp-Oxtail Fries...but it wasn't really for me. I can actually say there was so much going on, you don't taste much of any one thing. However it rates high on the food porn scale as you can see.

What do you think? Would you try Bachi Burger? Check out their locations here and hopefully you can try something I recommended. If you tweet me around 4pm and I don't answer, it's prolly cuz I'm at their happy hour. What's your burger speed? Let's hear it in comments below.

*Fun fact, I used to come home from school as a kid, microwave some lap cheong sausage in the microwave (45 seconds, cover it with a towel cuz it explodes fat sparks everywhere,) and eat it with rice. Heaven.