I'm All That... And Dim Sum.

You guys all know how much I love food. I'm a HUGE foodie and can't wait any time I have a brunch, lunch or dinner date! One of mai favorite meals that hits really close to home is Dim Sum, a traditional Cantonese meal that is prepared in bite-sized portions. Not going to lie, you have to be down with the diverse parts of town if you want a real dim sum meal. I'm talking Alhambra, Gardena and China Town to name a few here in LA.

Here are five reasons why I love dim sum so much:

1. It's tasty AND healthy. If you opt for low-sodium soy sauce, dim sum meals can actually be a healthy meal option. All ingredients are fresh and made that day. Packed with protein and very rarely fried.

2. It's cheap. There is nothing better than feeling full after a good meal and knowing you got your money’s worth. Am I right? You can invite ten or more of your friends to a dim sum brunch and walk away with some extra spending money.

3. It's family style. When we have dim sum we share everything, so it’s fun to try different things and go a little out of your comfort zone. If you’re not into chicken legs, then don’t eat the chicken legs. But don’t worry, there’s something for everyone! Even you vegan people out there! #BokChoy #ChineseSpinach #TofuEggplant #TofuMushroomDumplings

4. It reminds me of home. Every Sunday, Mai fam and I would always head to Milpitas or South San Jose early to get in line for that scrumdidlyumptious dim sum.

5. Because tea. I'm a huge tea drinker because it’s not only delicious but it is SO good for you! Dim sum is always served with tea. But remember, don’t serve your own, it’s bad luck, and always considered a sign of respect when you serve your guests or elders before yourself. 

And that’s it, the five reasons why I’m so obsessed with dim sum. Have you tried it? Are you going to try it? I definitely encourage you to if you want an authentic Asian meal. Tell me how much you love dim sum by commenting below!